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Lázaro Group comprises three companies – INTERLAZARO S.L., S.A.T. № 8801 FRUTAS LAZARO and EXPLOTACIONES NUTRISOL S.L., located in the North-East of Spain, more specifically in the Autonomous Region of Aragón. Lázaro Group devotes its work to production and commercialization of fresh fruit, coming all of them from our own plantations, located along the province of Zaragoza.

Almost 100 years of experience and a clear commitment to innovation, let us offer the best of our land. Our passion for traditions, our enthusiastic character and entrepreneurial spirit, help us to develop a wider forward-looking approach and to enhance our competitive ability in the national and international markets.

We grow and progress combining innovations, traditions, experience, high self-requirements, personal attention and intuition, to please to all and to every one our client by the widest meaning of this word.

- Constant variety innovation

- Fruit range from the earliest to the latest kinds

- Latest technology

- Own production

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